• "Thank you for the warm welcome and hospitality while I was there last week. The meeting/lab itself was beyond helpful but the cohesiveness and dynamics of the team and the participants was wonderful. I look forward to the next one."


    — Patty Winters, Southern Resource Consultants

  • "It was such a pleasure to have you with us this last week. We can't say enough how much we appreciate your time and efforts to help us advance further into our [Quantum software] implementation. Your patience, focus and expertise were just what we needed to get some pretty big items off our list. We figured we got done in the one week you were here what would have taken us 6 to 8 months or better to do on our own. Every dollar spent to have you here for the week was well worth it. We can't wait to roll the updates out to all the staff and hopefully we can carry at least some of this momentum into the rest of our list. "


    — Jay Randolph, Developmental Services, Inc.

  • "Redwood supports children and adults with disabilities by offering programs that are person-centered and tailored to the individual's needs. We conducted an extensive analysis of [Quantum's software] from Quantum against other nationally recognized vendors and their application. We selected Quantum's [software] based on the number of components matching our agency’s needs, the ability to customize the software to adapt to our work processes, and the ability to create employee friendly dashboards.
    CASPer has allowed our agency to begin the transition to an electronic tracking and documentation system. [Quantum applications] automates many time consuming processes which will allow staff and managers to focus on providing quality service to our clients and not data entry. In addition, Quantum is working on the development of a Solutions Catalogue that will reduce the time required for implementation and customization. Administrators will be able to select, test, and implement a solution because it is ready to go Quantum's staff works as our partner providing top-notch training and technical support in a timely and friendly manner."


    — Gary Pastwa, IT Coordinator, Redwood

  • "As a not-for-profit service provider for the past 43 years, CCAR Industries is always in search of efficient and cost-effective ways to provide high quality services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Central Illinois. [Quantum's software] has expedited our ability to receive daily progress notes from Direct Support Personnel. Thus, supervisors and case managers can respond more quickly to program consumers’ daily needs and better fulfill our commitment to provide quality care."

    — Lyla McGuire, Executive Director of CCAR Industries

  • "Quantum has worked well with us over the past years. We have recently attained national certification on the Basic Assurances through CQL, and [Quantum's software] was a great part of that. Some of the key components are that we are able to easily pull out statistical information on all incidents and personal outcome measure interviews. Our managers are able to use that information to formulate training programs and make decisions on where we need to invest our resources. We support people across the states, and [Quantum's software] has given us a greater ability to manage this on a global basis."


    — Lori Gilbert, Systems Analyst, Bethesda Lutheran Communities

  • "We deliver services to individuals in several counties in southern Indiana. Our employees use [Quantum applications] to document service delivery and timesheet data. We’re able to export payroll records from [Quantum's software] and import them into our accounting system. This saves time and eliminates the need to gather paper timesheets from miles away."


    — Larry Waninger, CFO of SIRS, Inc.